• Healing for Generations


    Learn the practices of Old School Bruja with this 3 month course

    What is the Charmed Circle Academy?

    The Charmed Circle Academy is committed to serving the Pagan community. With this education comes a commitment to assume a leadership role within our community and to provide spiritual guidance and support to community members. Anyone interested in applying for the Charmed Circle Academy should have a strong foundation in their personal spiritual path and meet the following requirements:
    • be at least 21 years of age
    • have a deep interest in spiritualism 
    • have attended at least one Old School Workshop or is an active client
    Program of Study:
    Focused and guided instruction in the Charmed Circle Academy Program aims to prepare the student for individual and group ritual work, religious freedom, networking, research, spiritual healing, community celebrations, multicultural cooperation, and education. The program includes required reading and writing, participation in workshops and group instruction, completion of coursework, organizing and conducting public ritual and one volunteer day each month with the organization of your choice.
    How do I get started?
    Step 1: Write a one-page "Spiritual Biography" starting from childhood and ending in the present.
    Step 2: Write a one-page or more "Statement of Purpose" that includes why you have chosen Charmed Circle Academy and how this certification will help you in your spiritual work. This is a key part of the application, telling the selection committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your interests in spiritual work and your vision of where you plan to go from here.
    Step 3: A deposit in the amount of $150 at time of registration required and the remaining balance of $150 due within the first 30 days of class. Total cost of class is $300
    Step 4: A list of books and supplies will be required to be purchased on your own. Most materials are provided, however, some items are very personal and need to made or purchased by the student.
    The Fine Print
    You are allowed to miss one class in the three month course. There are no makeup classes. If you miss more than one class it is an automatic discharge for the cycle. You may re-register for the next cycle for an additional $50.
    All classes are confidential and not to be shared on social media. No refunds
    We meet 1 x a month on the full moon ( unless it is a major holiday then accommodations will be made.)
    2 x a month via video group chat.
    First video instruction is December 1, 2017
    First Full Moon gathering is December 2, 2017
    Payments are made via Paypal.
    No Refunds
    Please send your applications to:
    Subject line: Charmed Circle Academy Application
  • Who We Are

    The World of Old School Bruja

    Old School Bruja is your place to receive guidance, energy medicine, and spiritual prescriptions that will enhance your spiritual growth & healing.

    What is Healing Touch?

    Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

    Healing Touch is a biofield (magnetic field around the body) therapy that is an energy-based approach to health and healing.


    Healing Touch uses the gift of touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.

    These non-invasive techniques employ the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is based on a heart-centered, caring relationship in which the practitioner and client come together energetically to facilitate the client's health and healing.


    The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmonies in the energy system, placing the client in a position to self heal.

  • Our Work

    We work with anyone who is ready to receive energy medicine and spiritual guidance. Each session is a safe space that allows the body to relax, get centered, and release what no longer serves it. Each client learns self healing and manifestation techniques that will enhance their growth and knowledge of energy medicine.

    The Healing Room

    Experience our cozy and high vibrating space. Enjoy complimentary stone healing, sound healing and aroma therapy with each session. Each stone is intuitively picked for your unique healing experience.

    Intimate Readings

    Looking for guidance? Need answers about love, career, and your future? Receive gentle guidance with a Card Reading. Each Session is 45 minutes!

  • Meet Our Founder

    Master Healer & Spiritual Intuitive

    Linnet V. Williams

    Linnet is a Spiritual Intuitive, Healing Touch Practitioner, Witch, and Master Healer. She provides healing touch, Witch classes,meditation workshops, healing circles, and readings in an effort to promote healing in the community. Her practice is infused with healing practices passed down through generations along with new age healing techniques. Linnet is a survivor of trauma and illness, she uses her experiences to help others heal and overcome trauma in hopes that they can manifest their dreams and live free.

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